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Apparel is the broader name for groups of different types of clothing. List all types of clothing from each website e.g. polo shirts tee shirts, hoodies, jackets to attract google traffic.

These catalogs cover all types of fashionable designs & fabric for different quality, different uses and to suit different budgets. All styles are designed to consider a good mix of popular colours and with the function of branding your logo with either embroidery or screen printing for the designated locations.

Branding your logo on uniforms shows your company works as a strong team and that your staff take pride in who they work for. It offers the opportunity also for you to market your brand while your team are wearing it meeting with existing or potential clients.

Staff Uniforms, Promotional clothing, Team Bonding wearing the same style shirts, Conference meetings, Outdoor trade wear, Co branding suppliers and distributors, Retail fashion, Marketing, One event use, Safety reasons, Winter wear, Headwear – fashion, protect from sun, Client gifts